Details of Proactive Testing Training

Details of  Proactive Testing


Testing software at each stage of its development is necessary to ensure proper functioning and for overall performance. Basically, the tests are divided into two types, reactive and proactive testings. In reactive testing, the tester will wait to write test for bugs till they are being found out but in proactive testing, the testing will be done before it goes to production. Thus proactive testing can save a lot of time and money which will help to keep the product less priced.


Proactive testing is a complex and rather complicated process one need to master the art for performing it successfully. One has to be proactive and to take control of the testing environments by creating synthetic testing data. Synthetic testing data is the data that is needed to run the test. This is a hectic task and you need to be trained well to do it foolproof.


Proactive Testing Training Courses

As mentioned earlier, proactive testing will reduce the time and money involved in testing software and hence it is highly effective and useful. This lead many software developers to rely on proactive testing and this in turn increased the demand for proactive testers or experts in proactive testing.


Rising to the occasion, many experts have come up with proactive testing training courses. Online courses are more popular and that enjoy wide acceptance. The major attraction of proactive testing online tutorials are that the students can take training on their time of convenient and at a station of their comfort. Secondly, online tutorials enables one to undergo training under an expert irrespective of the geographical positioning of the trainer or trainee.


Proactive testing online training courses will contain a set of proactive testing videos which are the major part of the study materials. There may be some other study materials in other formats too.


Proactive Testing Training Course Contents

Different trainers will have different approaches towards training and the priorities may change accordingly. However, the core of any professional proactive testing training course will be as follows.


  1. Introduction to the course and the topics it covers
  2. Proactive test design benefits
  3. Proactive Vs Reactive Test designs
  4. Identifying needed test designs
  5. Designing tests more thoroughly
  6. Identifying more overlooked test conditions
  7. Making test designs reusable
  8. Specifying reusable test cases


The proactive testing training videos will cover the entire subject. Simple and detailed narrations and the relevant info-graphics will help the trainees to learn the subject without the help of a third person. Still, most of the proactive testing online trainers will provide the facility for clearing the doubts through chat. Each trainee will have access to a community of experts and this community can also be used for clearing doubts.


Towards the end of training, all trainees will get chances for working on proactive testing live projects which will help them to learn the subject in detail.


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