Everything You Need to Know about Selenium Webdriver

Everything You Need to Know about Selenium Webdriver


Test automation is a term quite often appears in the discussions related to software applications and software development. Software testing has started from the time when software development has started but it has not advanced in terms of technology as the development processes advanced. Manual testing was the only option in the early days of software development and it was sufficient on those days as most of the software applications were simple and meant to perform single functions.


As the time passed, many complex software applications became necessary to meet the changing requirements and at this juncture, manual testing proved to be insufficient and financially not viable. Necessity is the mother of all inventions and here also the necessity resulted in the invention of many test automation tools to automate software testing processes.


Of the many test automation tools, Selenium still continues to be the number one test automation tool which is being used most widely across the world for testing web-based applications. Selenium is a test automation suite which is comprised of many components. Selenium Webdriver is the latest addition to the Selenium suite which made the execution of tests much easier than never before.


Before adding Selenium Webdriver to the suite, there was Selenium RC which is a server written in Java. It facilitates writing test scripts. Selenium Webdriver accepts test scripts and directly communicate with the browser instance without the help of a server. Thus, it has reduced the execution time considerably.


When you join in any selenium testing training programs, the basics of selenium web driver will be taught there. Apart from the basics, the process of executing tests using selenium webdriver also will be taught. There are some exclusive Selenium Webdriver training programs which will take care of the advanced features of selenium webdriver and the processes of incorporating it with many other tools and frameworks to enhance the functionalities.


At a time, when automation has become the buzzword in the IT circle, joining in some Selenium Webdriver tutorial to learn advanced selenium will certainly help you a lot to get good job opportunities. As the software industry is registering a consistent growth and software testing is gaining more importance, expertise in selenium webdriver will certainly help you to climb the ladder of success in your career.  


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