Selenium Webdriver Training and Interview Questions

Selenium Webdriver Training and Interview Questions


Selenium is presently enjoying the status as the world’s most widely used test automation tool. In its original version it has three components named, Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API and Selenium Remote Control. In the latest version Selenium RC has been replaced with Selenium webdriver.

When selenium became more popular, many software developers and test managers opted for it and it resulted in the increasing demand for Selenium professionals. When there is a demand for a specific profession, it is quite natural that more and more persons will prefer to move to that profession. This tendency increased the demand for selenium training course across the globe.


Details of Selenium Training

There are several selenium tutorials. When most of them provide training online, there are a few in-class courses too. However, the demand is for Selenium online training courses as one can learn the subject on his or her prefered time and the daily schedule will not get upset. This enables even those who are working presently to pursue the courses.


Selenium online tutorials will provide selenium training videos to each and every trainee who has registered with them. These videos will depict the entire process step by step with the help of relevant infographics. Several tutorials are offering Selenium with Java as java is widely used by the testers while working with Selenium. Moreover, Selenium webdriver itself is written in Java and hence a basic knowledge in Java will help the professionals to work with ease while working with Selenium.


Apart from study materials, Selenium online training providers give lifelong access to all the trainees to a community of professionals. Here, you can ask doubts on the technology and can get clarified. You can use this forum to share new ideas and to get familiarize with many new ideas. Similarly, this forum will help you to get notifications about new opportunities.


Towards the end of the training, professional Selenium training providers will give an opportunity to work on live projects. This will help the trainees to understand the technology better and also help them to gain practical working experience. This experience can be mentioned in resume to give it more mileage.


Finally, every Selenium training provider will give a set of Selenium interview questions. These questions will help you in future endeavors including interviews and project work. These question answer session will cover the entire technology and will go deep into each and every minute details. Thus, this question answer part of the course, which is more clearly known as Selenium interview questions will help you to learn the technology more easily.


Selenium Interview Questions

As mentioned earlier, Selenium interview questions will cover all the details of Selenium technology. Actually, it starts from the concept of test automation and will explain with questions and answers, what test automation is and its significance. Then it will cover the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium technology, its applications etc. This question answer session can be called as the Selenium Technology in a nutshell.


Why to Go for Selenium Training

Selenium is being used widely for test automation.Most of the developers and test managers prefer Selenium as the best option for the test automation of web based applications. As the software application sector experiences a tremendous growth, there will be a huge demand for Selenium experts in the near future. Hence, Selenium training course can help you to fly high in your career.


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