Software Testing and Test Automation Tools

Software Testing and Test Automation Tools


Software testing is the process of finding defects and drawbacks in a software. It is aimed at maintaining the quality of software in every aspect including its functionality, load, Time and overall performance. As in the case of any manufacturing industry, quality analysis is a must in software development and it has become more necessary when the competition in the sector became tougher.


History of Software Testing


Along with the advancements in the software sector, software testing also came to exist. In earlier days, when the technology was not well developed and the number of functionalities were less, developers relied on manual testing. This is a time consuming process and the chances for human errors were also more.

In due course of time, test automation tools including Selenium, QTP etc have been developed to automate the testing processes. This reduced the time required to execute the test and also reduced the chances for human errors. In the present scenario, there are several test automation tools are available. Some of them are free and open source while some others are commercial products.


Software Testing Training Courses

Software differ from one another in terms of application, functionality, Platform where it is used etc and hence, different testing tools and methodologies should be used in software testing. For example, Selenium is used worldwide to test web based applications while QTP is used for testing mobile applications.


With the arrival of test automation tools, most of the developers and test managers started depending on them instead of going for manual testing. This created a demand for test automation experts. Raising to the occasion, many trainers have come forward with different software testing courses including Selenium Training, QTP Training, ISTQB Training etc. At present, there are a good number of software testing tutorials consisting of both online courses and in-class courses.


As some test automation tools work well with certain programing languages, most of the trainers offer courses such as core java training, Python Training etc too along with software testing training.


How to Find out the Best Online Software Training Course

Once you browse through internet with the help of any search engine, you will find an array of software testing tutorials online. Certainly, you will end up with confusion over selecting the best tutorial. Here are a few tips to select the best online tutorial.

  • Attend the free demo organised by the trainers to assess the quality of their training.
  • Go through the sample training videos and other study materials posted in their official websites to assess the quality of training.
  • Enquire with any former students or take the help of social media to know more about the training processes and its quality.
  • Find out whether the trainer is providing chance to work on live projects. This is an added advantage as you can learn the subject thoroughly and you can add that experience to your resume which will give some extra mileage.
  • Take the help of social media or open discussion forums to get an idea about the reputation of trainer in the job market.

Always go with the best trainer to gain maximum advantage. Although there is a good demand for testers in software sector, competition is also high in the job market. Hence you should master the technology and that too from a reputed trainer.

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